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  1. Engine
    Hello, i have a truck with an unknown cam in it. also i don't have a timing tab installed. I'm having problems with a hot start. I'm pretty sure that the timing is really advanced in order for the engine to run smooth. the problem occurs after its good and hot. then the starter will crank...
  2. Engine
    hey guys, I know a guy who said me and my dad should NOT run spark advance on a 350 with camelhump heads, is there any truth to this?? :nono: just wondering he said it causes spark knock on these old heads. thanks! all info is appeciated!!
  3. Engine
    Hi i went out to start my 57' Chevy 3100 the other morning and it tried and tried but there was no fire. I checked the coil and there is power going into it but nothing coming out of it. I replaced the coil and still had the same problem. Even tried another coil that my buddy had and still...
  4. Engine
    Hello gentleman, this is my first post so I'll introduce myself. Names Justin, I work in a Euro shop in MN, been wrenchin since I can remember. Occasionally at our shop our customers will bring in their vintage vehicles and get basic maintenance taken care of. Today we got a '40 Ford coupe...
1-4 of 4 Results