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  1. Engine
    I have a Chevy 350 has center bolt heads but a 1967 intake and Quadra jet carb. I believe it has stock internals. Here’s my problem, sometimes When I’m stopped at a stop light for a several minutes engine is idling fine. Then the light changes and I drive 1/2 mile to a mile the engine cuts out...
  2. Fuel injection Engines
    I have an 89 Chevy C15. 350/ 700R. It has 200K on it. I bought it with a blown engine (they let it run out of oil. Bad valve cover gasket.) So I knew it needed a new engine when I bought it. I ordered a crate motor from Summit. Great fit, easy swap. With the new engine I installed new O2...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello all, It looks like my transmission is on its last leg here and taking its sweet time shifting into a higher gear+only at high RPMs. A rebuild is mandatory, but I've gotten a decent run from it after it was recycled from my old 327 SBC. I figured, while I had the tranny out for rebuild...
1-3 of 3 Results