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  1. 1968 Camaro electrical issue

    I was returning home yesterday evening after being out for a 45 min ride and when I turned the corner the total electrical system flickered for the car then came back on within a few seconds. After that I noticed my right dash turn signal indicator was dimly lit up. When I reached my driveway...
  2. Radical Cam Timing Problems

    Hello, i have a truck with an unknown cam in it. also i don't have a timing tab installed. I'm having problems with a hot start. I'm pretty sure that the timing is really advanced in order for the engine to run smooth. the problem occurs after its good and hot. then the starter will crank...
  3. 350 Chevy block won't start

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello, I am looking at a vehicle that has a rebuilt 350 Chevy block in it. They said it won't start. It doesn't even turn over, or click, or make any noise. It's not the battery, as lights do come on, and they've tried different batteries. I'm thinking this could be an issue with the starter...
  4. SBC chevy 350 starter

    So my 1974 350 chevy has had really bad luck with starters. Remanufactured, brand new from 2 different stores. They seem like none fit right on the truck. Currently the starter will turn over very slowly if the truck has been recently running. Cold start, it starts up right away. then i drive...
  5. SBC 350wont start

    It's my daily driver SBC 350 daily Was running fine and out of the blue died out while Still in motion and in the road .so here's what I have checked and replaced and still won't start I can hear the starter engage , new plugs (needed it ) new plugs , new cap rotor and new MSD COIL , also...
  6. chevy 350 grinding starter

    Alright, ive now had 3 different starters on my 74 chevy 350 pickup and it keeps grinding when i go to start it. The first time i took it off and saw the teeth on the starter shaft were chewed to hell so i bought a new one and again it would grind. I added shims, it would run fine for a day or 2...
  7. Starter alignment problem

    Hi, I am building a 1936 Buick Century streetrod and I am having a problem with my starter. It was making a lot of noise and it was getting more worse every day. And Yesterday my starter housing cracked. Inspection learns that the starter isn't aligned close enough to my flywheel so the teeth...
  8. Starter hitting flexplate but not meshing SOMETIMES

    Hey ive been battling a weird starter issue and not sure where to go now...Its a 1980 454 motor in a 59 chevy truck. Im using a high torque mini starter part number 25001 from autozone. Its got the shims installed between the motor and mount (came that way). My issue is most of the time when I...
  9. No power from battery

    So my 74 chevy wont start. i ran out of gas and when i put more gas in with a jerry can, i went to start it and the starter churned over a couple of very slow times and smoke came up from the starter and the battery. Now it wont start. Ive had this happen before with an old starter and i just...
  10. Starter bolt hole problems 454

    Hey all. Have a 1980ish 454 block and since the day ive had it from the rebuilder the starter bolts have always been kind of weird. They never stayed tight and I always used the correct bolts, well basically theyve just been hammered over time now with starters going in and out and bolts...
  11. 460 Starter issue

    I have a 65 F100 with a 460 in it, and we put a new starter on it, and wired it to the solenoid but it won't crank over. There are 12 volts at the battery side and the starter side of the solenoid so I don't think it is bad. When you turn the key to start, the only thing that happens is the...
  12. 454 starter rewiring

    Hey guys, have a 1959 chevy truck and put a 1980 454 in it. I was running an old points distributor and resistor so when I wired the starter I used both the s and r terminals on the solenoid. Converted to an MSD distributor and removed the resistor (left the starter wiring how it was with s and...
  13. Repetitive "click" noise when starter is engaged

    Hey everybody. I just did a rebuild on my 350. 30 over, flat top pistons, new crank/rods/bearings/flexplate etc. Anyway.. compression is now .75 higher than before (10.25:1) and the motor is definitely harder to turn over with the fresh hone and rings. I got the engine in the car and got ready...
  14. Starting to get ugly! starter ignition advice needed

    I have a 1996 chevrolet crap piece i mean caprice. Its my engine donor car. the car has been switched to carbureted and has a fuel cell a with a fuel pump switch and it has a push button start switch. I had to change out the ignition cylinder to get the steering wheel to unlock as the old one...
  15. Wiring on GM starter

    On the solenoid there is a place for 3 wires. 1 goes to battery. Where do the others connect? This is for a 55 Chevy 210. I am making the wiring harness myself. Need to know which goes to distributor and which goes to ignition switch. Gregg
  16. Starter bolts keep coming loose

    Hey guys, 1980 454 motor, the starter bolts keep coming loose and letting the starter twist and grind on my flywheel. Im almost positive the block is a 1980ish but what year did they change to the 10mm bolts? I even put lock tite on the bolts and that didnt last long, I have the rear brace...
  17. starter/flywheel issue

    Hey ive got a 1980 454 motor with the stock style starter, one of the bolts came loose and I didnt notice and when I started it the starter twisted and broke a chunk off the block where the outer starter bolt goes, I had a welder weld the piece back on and grind it down, seems almost perfectly...
  18. simple_gm_starter_wiring1


  19. 98 5.7 Vortec -> 04 TJ Install

    I have a 98 5.7 vortec (spider injection) motor. The motor turns over very slow and at times even needs a few turns of the key to crank at all(as if it's frozen for a sec). It seems to be a huge strain for the starter to crank the motor. I have two fully charged/tested 875 CCA batteries I tried...
  20. Unfortunate Starter problems ?

    Transmission - Rearend
    I have an old 69 Nova that was sitting around for a couple years (built it 10 yrs ago). I ordered some parts and upgrades so I could refresh it (gas tank, seats, etc etc) to get it back on the road. Now the problem: I put the car on a lift and went through everything, tightening all the old...