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  1. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
  2. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Has anyone every used a Vega Steering box for a Schroeder steering setup? Let me know, KJ! [email protected]
  3. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Has any one in the group ever made a Schroeder style steering box out of a stock steering box? If so could you help me out with some information and some pic's? Big Thanks, KJ! [email protected]
  4. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have a Vega box on my '32 Chevy Sedan and it needs to be replaced. Will a Saginaw 525 manual box bolt in place the same as the Vega box. I realize I have to change couplers and adjust input shaft length. Thanks.
1-4 of 5 Results