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  1. Engine
    I can get a new old stock TRW 350ci forge pistons...these are odd one's TRW No L2417 ....I have to see if I can find some moly face top rings ....oil control grove has 4 holes drilled in them for oil drain control.. Pistons comes with pins and lock rings. I just wonder are these just to old to...
  2. Engine
    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has the specs for the 1985 302 camshaft. I cant find anywhere that actually states the specs of non-mustang 85 blocks. Or even pre roller specs for the ford lineups really..
  3. Engine
    Me and my dad had just gotten done rebuilding my Chevy 350. I had invested the money in buying a comp cams, thumpr cam. When tearing into the engine I had to have a valve job done on the stock cast iron heads. I did install a new Mellings high pressure high volume oil pump to help out with the...
  4. VW Surf Rod

    Yeh!  Let’s go surfin’ now!  Everybody’s learnin’ how!  Come on a Safari with me!!! Woo!-Hoo!  Man this banged up loosely restored VW Surf Rod complete with tubular roof-rack is so rad – dude! – Ha!  This cool vintage Volkswagen Beetle is pretty much in it’s natural state of condition.  And that is
1-4 of 4 Results