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  1. SBC 350 TRW NOS FORGE PISTONS... use them?

    I can get a new old stock TRW 350ci forge pistons...these are odd one's TRW No L2417 ....I have to see if I can find some moly face top rings ....oil control grove has 4 holes drilled in them for oil drain control.. Pistons comes with pins and lock rings. I just wonder are these just to old to...
  2. 85' non-mustang stock 302 cam spec?

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has the specs for the 1985 302 camshaft. I cant find anywhere that actually states the specs of non-mustang 85 blocks. Or even pre roller specs for the ford lineups really..
  3. 1990 Chevy 350 TBI wont idle

    Me and my dad had just gotten done rebuilding my Chevy 350. I had invested the money in buying a comp cams, thumpr cam. When tearing into the engine I had to have a valve job done on the stock cast iron heads. I did install a new Mellings high pressure high volume oil pump to help out with the...
  4. VW Surf Rod

    VW Surf Rod

    Yeh!  Let’s go surfin’ now!  Everybody’s learnin’ how!  Come on a Safari with me!!! Woo!-Hoo!  Man this banged up loosely restored VW Surf Rod complete with tubular roof-rack is so rad – dude! – Ha!  This cool vintage Volkswagen Beetle is pretty much in it’s natural state of condition.  And that is