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  1. ID a Ford Flathead top loader manual trans

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hi all. I need some help to ID a Ford top loader Flathead manual trans for a friend, my buddy that I would call is no longer around on earth he in Flathead Heaven . Need idea of years trans was used and what kind it is. There is no numbers on the top bell-housing, but near the inside clutch rod...
  2. What frame to use for a 1938 5 window Dodge

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I need some help to try to replace the old frame on a 1938 Dodge 5 window coupe...I really don't want to reuse it or beef / box in the old frame. Plus I would have to replace the rusted out parts too. I can use a longer frame if I have to and just remake the top of the hood over, not going to...
  3. Introducing Myself - Heidi Wosak

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello Hot Rodders! It is a pleasure to connect with you here. My father Newton Wosak was an avid Hot Rodder in NJ, I grew up going to car shows and in the garage watching him build beautiful cars. His cars received awards, he was meticulous with his racing modifications, street rod and racing...
  4. Crate Engines

    Hotrodding Basics
    I plan on eventually buying a crate engine for a street rod project I have planned for the future. A company I've ran across that makes a very desirable looking 396 small block stroker is White Performance and Machine. Is White Performance a good manufacturer to buy from? If not, what other...
  5. 1948 Buick Roadmaster, need help making decision

    Hotrodding Basics
    I am new to this but I am trying to get a project car going. I found a 1948 buick roadmaster on ebay, that already has custom work done to it. I really like the car but I have no idea on what is a good price or not. It's at about $10,000 right now. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Thank...
  6. 1934 Ford cabriolet

    Introduce Yourself
    My name is Jerry and I have a 1934 Ford Cabriolet street rod. My car is in the January 2016 voting for Traditional Homebuilt put on by Good-Guys and Speedway Motors. I would appreciate your vote for my car at the website: Homebuilt Heaven Voting The Traditional Homebuilt cars are in the...
  7. The 79 coupe

    Hot Rod Art
    Good evening! This is my first port here :welcome: I`m a swedish designer with a great passion for hot rods and custom bikes. I`ve just completed a little project that I thought you guys might find inspiring. Since I can`t weld, shape sheet metal or build engines, but still felt that I had to...