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  1. SBC 350 TRW NOS FORGE PISTONS... use them?

    I can get a new old stock TRW 350ci forge pistons...these are odd one's TRW No L2417 ....I have to see if I can find some moly face top rings ....oil control grove has 4 holes drilled in them for oil drain control.. Pistons comes with pins and lock rings. I just wonder are these just to old to...
  2. Cam good for a 383 or 400 ci SBC w/ 1.5 or 1.6 rockers ?

    Hello all..stay safe during this Virus going around...So I have a lot of time on hand now, want to re-think my build. ....My parts on hand are new Comp cam H268 non roller specs are; lift @.50 = .218, Dur. = 268 for In. and Ex.., Val. lift is .454 w/ 1.5 rockets... Should I get 1.6 rockers...
  3. BBF 557 Stroker Build

    Hello all, I've decided I'm going to build a 557 stroker to put into my 1975 F150 Ranger XLT. Goals for this truck: Not going to be a daily driver, but would love for it to be reliable, and streetable at about 650hp on pump gas. Don't plan on towing anything with it, but may put stuff in the...
  4. Need advice with 383 biuld

    I've recently acquired a 1984 Camaro with a 350 (Not the original 305) and a t-5 transmission. I have not disassembled the engine yet, nor do I have the casting numbers, yet. I believe it is a 4 bolt main and originated from a mid 70's truck. I have built multiple engines before, but never a...
  5. Need to save money

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello, I just bought a 1958 GMC 100 about as stock as you can think. I want to leave the interior and exterior totally original (rat rod vibe) but I want to put a 383 stroker with 465hp under the hood with a manual transmission. As I said everything is stock, and I'd like to be under about 7000...
  6. Safe Redline For a Forged Bottom End 383.

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey guys, so my question is. What would be a safe redline for the following pile of parts; Stock 96' 4bolt main 350 block, fully forged scat bottom end (3.750 H beam rods, forged pistons, forged crank ARP rod bolts), comp cams xfi 286 hydraulic roller cam, AFR 195cc heads (65cc combustion...
  7. 383 stroker acts like fuel starvation at WOT

    Hi, I have a fairly new build carbureted 383 stroker that's pushing close to 600 hp on 93 octane, .that is starting to flutter/sputter at WOT and will actually shut down due to lack of fuel and I have to wait until the pump pressurizes and I pump the throttle and then starts right back up. does...
  8. SBC stroker 385 Build 550hp+

    Hotrodding Basics
    Dear Hotrodders, I am new to forum and would really appreciate your help with my stroker build. I have a local engine workshop putting together a SBC with forged internals, the block is a 4-bolt 2 rear main seal block that has been already machined to 0.040 over so the engine will be 385cid...
  9. 383 stroker low vacuum

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi, I’ve bought 64 corvettes which has a 383 stroker engine. But I’m facing some problems when it comes to acceleration in "cruising mode" low rpm. I notice serious backfire, happening in the exhaust system and hesitations. Some initial data: - Engine chevy 383 stroker - Quick fuel carb...
  10. 388 Truck update

    Hotrodding Basics
    Finally getting the engine back together. Slow process with the age and condition of my body, but it's getting there. Pics are showing the short block and some of the build. Short block has lightened crank, KB9914-.060 pistons. Zero deck. Pics kinda suck cuz I only had my phone with me.
  11. 400+hp 383 build

    Hey guys. Y'all probably get a lot of these, but I'm looking for tips on a 383 build that is both street able but I can still take it to the strip every now and then. Trying to keep it at a decent budget of between 2-2.5k. Yes it's not a whole lot but I know there's ways to make this work. It...
  12. 383 Horse Power?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 383 stroker and wondering what the power would be. from top to bottom. Holley 750, edelbrock performer eps intake, the corvette 882 heads with the large valves and port and polished and machined to I think 72cc chambers, the thinnest head gasket I think its .015, Bored 30 over with...
  13. Headers

    Hi Guys: I changed out the old and tired 350 that was in my 34 Chevy three window coupe for a new Blueprint 383 Stroker. The coupe ha a homemade set of typical street rod headers that hung outside the frame. The feelo I bought the car frome gave me a set of Block Hugger headers as I wanted to...
  14. Please Help A 1st Timer 383 Stroker Build

    I by no means am an automotive mechanic and I apologise in advance for the essay of information but I have the want to learn and will soon be attending UTI for automotive Technology after I transition out of the Marine Corps. I recently had very bad engine problems so I started to investigate...
  15. procomp connecting rods and cranks

    hey guys im looking for some info on these procomp products heres the rods Procomp Electronics 41253 Procomp 4340 ''H'' Beam Connecting Rods and heres the crank Procomp Electronics 4019 Procomp 4340 Steel Crankshafts id like to build a 496 over the winter and wanted to know if anyones built...
  16. BALANCED rotating assembly

    I am looking into a few of the different balanced rotating assemblies available for a 377/383 stroker build. need some help here.. :confused: Eagle sells a BALANCED external balance 383 rotating assembly that comes with a new flexplate and harmonic dampener. Will this pre-balanced kit be good...
  17. Piston selection 377

    Hello, I am new to the site, so.. Its nice to meet you guys and I look forward to hearing from you all. I am in the process of building a 377 stroker motor for my 85 Monte SS. (350 block, stock bore, 3.75 stroke) Ive been looking at a few of the different rotating assemblies available, and now...
  18. 331 stroker

    331 stroker

    Mexican 302 based 331.SCAT crank & rods,SRP pistons,AFR heads,Scorpion rockers,Smith Brothers pushrods, Buddy Rawls custom cam,Stealth,Edelbrock,Hedman,Mallory,MSD,Flowmaster...and more!!!