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  1. Introduce Yourself
    The MODERN Hot-Rodder. Drives a beater 4x4. Works as a Master Certified Mechanic. in his garage today is a 1965 F-85 Cutlass that he installing a Rocket 350 into. Parked in the other bays, 1986 Fiero with a Muncie 5 speed that has been restored and only 73,000 miles. A supercharged ZL-610...
  2. Projects/Builds/My Ride
    Hi guys I am interested in building a hot rod here in South Africa but unfortunately the price of American vehicles are very high over this side of the pond. I found this for sale at a good price but I am not sure as to what it is. It is a 1932 something with a 289 Studebaker V8 in it. I...
  3. Studebaker rear

    I filled in the box ends and adapted "59 chevy taillights.
  4. Studebaker rear

    Lights were converted to 3 bulb & will be sequential.
  5. Projects/Builds/My Ride
    Our Father Son Project See Blog Below 1959 Lark Project 454
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hello, any other Studebaker out there?
  7. 35 Studebaker

    This is a car that I helped design and assemble.
1-11 of 11 Results