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  1. 89 gmc suburban

    My burban is running rough. at first she was cutting out as I was going up hills, but when I would take my foot off the gas then put it back on she would go again.Now when I start to go down hill and let off the gas the engine light comes on and went i put my foot on the gas she hesitates, and I...
  2. What would have to be changed to use Buick tranny in Suburban

    Transmission - Rearend
    :confused: Found 96 Buick Roadmaster 4L60E, low miles, cheap from friend. Want to put it in 96 C-1500 Suburban. What are the differences that would need to be changed out, etc. Some are telling me it will work, and I believe them. But, Interchange books don't show it as the same. Thanks...