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  1. Gm 350 suffix code

    Alright I'm hopping someone will be able to help me I've searched trough a couple differnent forums and and both have same lists. Problem: I'm trying to pinpoint the motor I have and what it came out of. I got the block casting number in the back driver side as 14010207...
  2. need some engine decode

    Hello all of you car fans:) i need some engine decode if someone here can help me will be great.. so all the numbers that i have 235 L6 chevy 1.-there is a numbers on the intake manifold(may be helpfull)-8754944 GM 2.-passenger side of the engine-close to oil unit,close to 3rd spark...
  3. What happened at Tonawanda in 1977?

    General Rodding Tech
    It was this winter, a dark and stormy night in the deep valleys of Norway, I came across it. It was resting in a shed when I found it, covered in decades of dust and cold spider webs. With a resistant squeal the hood was opened, and an engine carefully crafted by the loyal lackeys of Louis...
  4. bad_restamp


  5. Engine suffix code

    Hotrodding Basics
    I am replacing the motor in my blazer and i found a 4.3 local for sale but the person who is selling it is not sure whats its from. I have the stamping off the from of the block it's ( T0104UHN or T0104UHW or t0104UHH ) the little dots are hard to read. I called my local Chevy dealer but...