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    On the lift to start taking the suspension out.
  2. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Just purchased a 42 Chevy truck... Will start building it when I return from Florida in the spring... Trying to get a head start on the big things.... I'm thinking of putting a new Art Morrison chassis under it... Anybody ever use one... Any other suggestions..
  3. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Was at a Goodguys car show one day and took a picture of this guy's setup. Dude was really friendly, and held first place at the autocross for a while. The other day I ran across it again and was wondering a) What kind of suspension setup is this called, and b) Where one can obtain one. This is...
  4. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    HI, just registered so this is my first post. I am new to street rods and have a 1954 Chevy Belair that has a mustang II front end. I added a anti-sway bar and now I only have about 2"-1/2 inch clearance. It hits the pavement on most trips out. How can I raise it about an inch or 2? Would...
  5. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    In the process of doing my first restoration of my first truck I owned (89,000 miles). I stripped everything down to the last bolt and nut. Cab and bed are off the chassis. Removed and disassembled front and rear suspension, differential and chassis had everything degreased and bead blasted...
  6. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I know very little about front suspension work, but have never been afraid to try. My 15 year old son and I are rebuilding a 77 Ford F100 that his grandfather gave him the engine is out of it being rebuilt. Thought this would be a good time to replace EVERYTHING in the front suspension area...
  7. Hotrodding Basics
    Guys, I'm looking for some ideas on a build and was wondering if its acceptable to use class-8 truck tie rods and tie rod ends in suspension links instead of heim joints? Seems like they'd be cheaper, dirt-resistant and grease able. Any thoughts? Tommy Salem, VA
  8. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    i have a 1930 Model A pickup street rod it weighs 2520. i put new shocks on it about 4 months ago and it helped alot , was a pretty smooth ride compared to the way it was. Now after only 4 months it's riding really rough again. i hit a bump last night and it was so hard it popped the door open...
  9. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I am building a hot rod from a 33 Ply 4 door. I have a 360 magnum w/727 installed. This car has parallel leaf front suspension and a solid tube axle. To simulate the ride height I want in the front, I removed all 6 leafs on each except the main and of course it can't support the front and the...
  10. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I need some help please! I want to order my husband airbags for his car for Father's Day without him knowing but I don't know exactly what he needs. He has a 1948 Chrysler New Yorker, he has already lowered the back end but wants to lower the front end with airbags, can someone please let me...
  11. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have 40 chevy sedan an I need some advice on frame work. I bought the car from a guy a state over from where I live and he has now moved. The problem I am having is, the front clip he said is from a "nova" but I do not know the year. Can anyone give me pointers on identifying what year it...
  12. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have a 1979 Camaro Berlinetta with full interior and every thing. Replacement leaf springs a 5 leaf but the Z28 is 4 leaf. What would happen if i went to a 4 leaf?
  13. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I got a set of Monroe Max-Air shockes for my 79 Camaro. Not even 6 months go by and the stud broke! Its welded now but what would cause this? Has anyone had problems with these shocks? Thanks
  14. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Hey I am looking for some help in selecting the right ft suspension for my 29 Essex sedan. It currently has a 34 Chev front clip. Can I work with what I have and upgrade components or should I be looking for something different. I don't have the budget for IFS or air bags. I want something...
  15. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I haven't been able to find any air ride kits for my meteor, and i wanted to ask if anyone knows of a kit, or if i would have to make my own mounts and use a kit made for another car. So if you guys could help me out that'd be awesome.
  16. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I jus bought a coupe....I want to upgrade the suspension so it will hold up to efi 5.0 but dnt know what I should do ...someone told me I could use a foxbody suspension but im not sure...any help would b apperciated
  17. Hotrodding Basics
    I have finally gave up on putting my 1946 Ford on a different frame. I have been advise by some locales in out club to use the Ford frame, but replace the old King Pin Front end with a Mustang II Front End and the rear end with a 8" Ford from a Maverick or Comet. 2 questions 1. Can anyone tell...
  18. Hotrodding Basics
    i have a 2000 chevy silverado. my friend got a 3" lift "kit". it has springs and shocks; my concern is, being the suspension idiot that i am...what else will i need as far as mechanical components??? thanks for any help!
1-18 of 18 Results