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  1. General Rodding Tech
    Hello. I already put a post on here about TBI SBC to Carb and got a lot of good answers of things to look for. Still having a issue with it not running right. No power! It’s a 88 Chevy Pickup. We built the motor, installed it. Runs, just not right. We went back with a Quadra Jet and simply put...
  2. Engine
    Since I was 8 (around the farm) I have been driving the same 1987 Chevrolet v20. Now I am 18 and It is beginning to require work. The previous owner swapped it from TBI to a 1406 carb, but I know more than that needed to be changed, rerouted, and "tricked" in order to make it run right with a...
  3. Electrical
    I purchased this swapped truck with knowing MOST of its weak points (mostly minor work) until........... BRAKE light on dash comes on around that sweet 35-37mph range. After investigating I properly installed new brake switch and the light still comes on at 35-37, HOWEVER, I...
1-3 of 3 Results