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tbi to carb swap

  1. TBI to Carb

    Since I was 8 (around the farm) I have been driving the same 1987 Chevrolet v20. Now I am 18 and It is beginning to require work. The previous owner swapped it from TBI to a 1406 carb, but I know more than that needed to be changed, rerouted, and "tricked" in order to make it run right with a...
  2. ROOKIE ME...tbi to carb zz4 swap brake light on dash 91 chevy k 1500

    I purchased this swapped truck with knowing MOST of its weak points (mostly minor work) until........... BRAKE light on dash comes on around that sweet 35-37mph range. After investigating I properly installed new brake switch and the light still comes on at 35-37, HOWEVER, I...