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  1. Engine
    Anyone on here using this kit? I purchased it for a 454 and would love to hear about your set up! Here is the kit:
  2. Engine
    I purchased TrickFlow's top end kit for my stock big block 454 Chevy (kit specs below). Anyone want to give some much needed advice on what to do with the bottom end while I've got it out? Adding inches and/or porting is possible. My problem is I don't know all the math involved to figure out...
  3. Engine
    I bought the TrickFlow 454 top end kit. It's supposed to come with the tfs-41302000 cam but I have now been waiting 7 months on it. I can't continue waiting! Does anyone have advice on a slightly larger more aggressive (sounding) cam that would work in a 1975 454 without losing my vacuum brakes...
  4. Engine
    I have a 1947 Chevy truck with a 454 big block in it . The truck sounds good but can’t get out of its own way power wise. I ran the numbers on the block because I bought the truck as is . The truck is very dependable but I want a little more. After running the numbers the 454 is out of a 1974...
1-4 of 4 Results