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  1. Transmission - Rearend
    Legitimate question here. I just put some Dexron III ATF in my newly rebuilt T-5 and then realized the bottles are from 1997!!!! I wouldn't think there would be but I have to ask - is there a shelf life on this stuff?
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    Is it possible to crack trans cooler inside of radiator yet not contaminate coolant that IS responsible for the cooling of motor oil in the radiator????? ^^^^MAIN QUESTION^^^^^^^^ ------DETAILS BELOW------ IM AS DESPERATE AS THE NEXT MAN and you fella's have been good to me!!! So the milky...
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    Hi All, :welcome: Recently picked up a '94 Chevy 1500 with almost 320k miles. I'll be doing a full tune up and servicing the transmission. Having never done a transmission service myself before, I have a few questions. The plan is to, at the very least, drop the pan and replace the fluid and...
  4. Transmission - Rearend
    I have recently had to replace the TH350 in my 1981 Silverado because the transmission wasn't engaging. The transmission in it now has new fluid and filter and indicates that the fluid is full. This transmission isn't engaging either. If I feather the accelerator it will begin to creep in...
  5. General Rodding Tech
    Will adding automatic transmission fluid to gas mess up an engine?
1-5 of 5 Results