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  1. Can ya get an Edelbrock 600 to run like a Holley 750?

    How do I get an Edelbrock 600 manual choke vacuum secondary to run like my Holley 750 man. choke vac. secondary???? I have read bibles worth of the comparisons but with absolutely zero definitive answer(s)!!!! So many claims, personnel experience differences, dyno posts etc. Its nuts...
  2. 383 stroker timing problem

    I have a 383 sbc stroker. Summit k1103 cam, I sethe timing to 32 degrees and it ran beautiful for a year. Put it on the dyno and did a pull and then it idels but when you go and take off or pull out it studders and sometimes pops out the carb but once its at 20mph it hauls. Checked timing it was...
  3. Engine Vacuum After Cam/Intake Swap

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my manifold vacuum reading dropping a decent amount after a cam/intake swap. My original set up was a comp 282s cam (235/235 @ .050" & 282/282 advertised, with .521"/.521" lift with 1.6 rockers, 110 LSA) and a RPM air gap intake with a 2 inch open...
  4. Engine likes to "Hiccup" @ part throttle cruise

    Hello everyone: I'm back again with more issues! Just scratching my head over this whole delema and I'm about out of ideas. I'm having a hard time trying to find the root of this problem. Basically the title says it all... it has a small miss every so often at part throttle cruise. Changed...