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  1. Lets share some stories!!!

    Hotrodders' Lounge
    Everybody was a beginner once, even some of you older guys that have been doing this for years. Lets hear some stories about the dumb choices you made as a beginner hot rodder! I'll start: I had never worked on an engine before in my life and had nobody to teach me, so I was on my own. Like...
  2. Setting the ring gap

    Alright, so Project Twin Turbo 454 is a GO! I feel fairly confidant about all the parts, like crankshaft bearings, distributor, and more but there is one thing that I am unsure about: Ring gap. Now I understand ring gap is different in turbocharged motors as they burn hotter. I was thinking of...

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hey fellas! So apparently i've done the impossible and tracked myself down an 8.5 rear end from a 71 skylark for my 70 Buick Skylark! With the bolt in axles! Needless to say I'm overjoyed at my find, but I just wanted to get some clarity: How much horsepower will this hold? A regular 8.5 is...
  4. What carb for my build?

    Alright so as some of you guys may know by now, I am plotting out a budget 454 twin turbo build. Now, I have decided on all the parts I need, minus heads, but that can wait for another discussion. What I need help on right now is the carburetor. I have basically boiled it down to two options...
  5. Edelbrock for Turbo?

    Hey guys, I'm building a turbocharged 454. anybody know what a good intake for it will be? It's technically a street/strip kind of car, but I really just floor it every chance I get. My friends are telling me to get an edelbrock performer rpm. What do you guys think?
  6. How to protect motor

    Hey Y'all! Alright so I have a youtube channel and I want to start a series where I try to build a turbocharged 454 for as cheap as possible (where it counts). However, I also want to make sure that the engine stays in good shape no matter what I do to it, especially after I add the turbos...
  7. 454 hood clearance

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey Y'all Im putting together a twin turbocharged 454 build for my 1970 skylark. Now, obviously I'm super excited for this project, as my current 350 has only around 200 horsepower at the wheels TOPS (some idiot threw in a chevy 350 that was actually WEAKER than the stock Buick 350. go figure)...
  8. intake and heads for a turbo set up

    Hey y'all! So I'm building a 454 right now, gonna take her apart, put her back together, make sure shes in GOOD shape. I've decided I want to take advantage of the 454's low compression and go for a turbo build. now, I already realize I'm gonna need to gap the piston rings differently, build...
  9. What turbo would go great with a straight six?

    I have a 1969 chevy c10 with a 292 engine and a 4 speed muncie. I want to put a turbo in it. I'm still in high school about to enter senior year and i just want a truck that's fast to beat those chevy vortec engines and those hondas. I wanted to know what type of turbos are good for this like a...
  10. What engine can I fit in my 1985 T bird?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I had the opportunity to get a 1985 t bird (turbo) for free. It has no engine or transmission. Stock engine I've found for 2 grand. However, I think it's redundant to put stock in it. I'm new to restoring/fixing cars so I need all the help I can get.
  11. Mark 6 bbc head question

    Hi guys, first post here. I have a mark 6 454 bbc laying around in the garage and had an idea of maybe running forced induction (turbo or roots blower havent decided) around 8psi on it but the heads have really small exhaust ports and recessed chambers it has flat top pistons which ill swap for...
  12. '23 t

    Projects/Builds/My Ride
    I've finally decided to get my 23T project on the road. I started this in Aug of 2001. I didn't have the money, tools, or skills to build it quickly. Every couple years I get it out and do some work on it. My church is having a car show the day before my 40th birthday. They asked me to...
  13. 383 Chevy Turbo High Boost rebuild adivse

    This be my first post here soooooo bear with me.... I have a 383 small block sitting in my k2500 right now. It is a tough little engine for what it is. Currently running stock TPI with around 400hp. However, as the title suggests, I've been looking into some boost... big boost. My goal is...
  14. T-400 slips in drive but has reverse after rebuild

    Transmission - Rearend
    Good Morning, Last week I rebuild my 400TH, it had been slipping in 2nd and 3rd before the rebuild. I found plenty of burnt clutches that I replaced along with a few bushings and seals. Hard parts were alright with little signs of wear. I put the transmission back in yesterday put 6 quarts in...
  15. I'm officially an old man now. (got a new car)

    Yeah, you guys can call me Grahampa. I bought a Buick (^ sorry for the ****ty Iphone pics). Its the GS, so the highest model you can go. Factory 20's with HID, 14" Brembro brakes & the turbo (270hp/295tq) 2.0L 4 banger & 6speed manual, Pirelli P-zero tires & 3" exhaust. ^ re-read that...
  16. Turbo charging 69 nova 250 Straight six

    Can you all give advice on the best combination of turbo and fuel feed for 69 Nova straight six 250?
  17. Golf turbo?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey everyone, I have a 97 vw golf. It's gas, completely stock, I was wondering if I could take a turbo from a diesel golf and put it on mine? :welcome:
  18. Golf turbo?

    General Rodding Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a 97 vw golf. It's gas, completely stock, I was wondering if I could take a turbo from a diesel golf and put it on mine? :welcome:
  19. Turbosupercharging

    Got an interesting question. Like the Air Scout (i'm army) that is on here, I have aviation maintenance training, so I know turbo compounding - a.k.a. Turbosupercharging - is possible. The question is thus... If I were to turbocompound a 3.1l after upgrades, what amount of boost can I get away...
  20. Getting ready for dyno testing

    Getting ready for dyno testing