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  1. Engine
    Alright so as some of you guys may know by now, I am plotting out a budget 454 twin turbo build. Now, I have decided on all the parts I need, minus heads, but that can wait for another discussion. What I need help on right now is the carburetor. I have basically boiled it down to two options...
  2. Engine
    Hey Y'all! Alright so I have a youtube channel and I want to start a series where I try to build a turbocharged 454 for as cheap as possible (where it counts). However, I also want to make sure that the engine stays in good shape no matter what I do to it, especially after I add the turbos...
  3. Engine
    Hey y'all! So I'm building a 454 right now, gonna take her apart, put her back together, make sure shes in GOOD shape. I've decided I want to take advantage of the 454's low compression and go for a turbo build. now, I already realize I'm gonna need to gap the piston rings differently, build...
1-3 of 3 Results