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  1. Diy seats

    Hello Fellow Hot Rodders! I am really good at working on cars, but not so great when it comes to interiors. I have some great seats that I pulled out of a junk yard, but clearly the fabric has to be 100% replaced. I was thinking about using the existing frame and adding new padding and just...
  2. Ford 34

    Hi I'm upholstering my Dad's Ford 34 kit car. I've got the door panels bench seat, roof and dash to do in that order. He's looking for a black and white interior (though I've mentioned that he might want to be careful with the white - he's an engineer and isn't always careful, even if he'll...
  3. I'm new and upholstering a Ford 34 for my dad's kit car.

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    Hi, I've just added myself on here, and thought I'd say hi. I'm helping my Dad with his Ford 34, a kit car which is older than I am. He's given it a lot of his time and I'm hoping to find some good advice and like minded people on here. Though I'd say being in the know with kit cars and...
  4. Elsa

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    Happy to have finally joined your club. I have been reading many of your upholstery posts for years and they have been very helpful. My son and I own and operate a Classic Cadillac restoration business which I have worked at and run for 30 years. Our shop does everything from sheet metal repair...
  5. Custom seat cover

    Custom seat cover

    Here's a pic of a custom seat cover I made.
  6. 1938 BMW Seat Spring Steel Frame Question

    I'm doing a complete restoration of a 1938 BMW 327 Cabriolet and I'm finally getting around to doing the upholstery and padded top. My question is; Does anyone know what material I can use to fabricate two new bottom seat cushion perimeter/frame springs and where to find it? I've attached...
  7. 1962 ford falcon deluxe

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    Hello I'm RETRO.FRESH and I just picked up a '62 falcon deluxe and was hoping to find some answers. First off, I'd like to swap out engine and tranny. Opinions welcome. Second, I'm a hound for the the best prices. If it's out there then I need it at my price. Third, where...
  8. marine upholstery

    Im fairly new to upholstery and am completely self taught im currently working on some pontoon furniture and having trouble on inside curve,i have tried using steamer and still have huge wrinkles. I patterned off the old skins and still having trouble i guess what im asking does anyone have any...
  9. Upholstery


    Rumble seat with Ultra Leather. Doing this first in case I can't sew!! last time I sewed was peggn pants in High school, hahaha!
  10. trunk 36 ford

    trunk 36 ford

    Trunk Upholstery 36 Ford Ultrleather and suede 1st Upholstery job