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  1. Engine
    I know its a 305, i could have built a 350 with more power for around the same cost, but this was a learning experience, i wanted to learn to build the engine and make it run, without throwing tons of money into it, so i used stock 58cc heads that were milled down to 54 i believe I used an...
  2. Engine
    Got an interesting question. Like the Air Scout (i'm army) that is on here, I have aviation maintenance training, so I know turbo compounding - a.k.a. Turbosupercharging - is possible. The question is thus... If I were to turbocompound a 3.1l after upgrades, what amount of boost can I get away...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    currently have the original 216 and 3 on the tree in my 1947 fleetmaster 4 door. was thinking of swappin it out for somethign with a little more grunt. i have a free 305 that needs a rebuild and would also require a diff tranny and rear end. then i get word to try an updated inline 6 (mount...
1-4 of 4 Results