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v8 s10

  1. Engine Stalling at Idle

    I am sure many of you have seen my other posts where i just dropped a built v8 into my s10 well i have been running it and i am having problems getting the idle down, i know the large cam i have will require it to be higher, but the thing is, if i revv it up a bit then let it idle back down, it...
  2. Starter problems?

    So i just got my high torque geared starter to crank over the v8 i just dropped in my s10, didnt think the compression was that high, but the stock starter couldn't crank it. i installed the new starter and tried to test it with a battery and jumper cables and it still would barely crank it a...
  3. Powerglide transmissions

    Transmission - Rearend
    I recently picked up two powerglides for $150 total, first was that a good deal? both are in working order and one appears to have been recently rebuilt. The guy said one is from a 65 nova and the other is from a 72 nova, as i was looking them over i noticed the 72 (one that looked rebuilt) has...
  4. S10 Automatic 4x4 to Manual 2 Wheel Drive Conversion

    Transmission - Rearend
    The transmission in my S10 (700r4) recently failed, and i decided to keep the truck and swap in a v8 i built, currently the truck is 4 wheel drive, i have removed all the drive train, and i plan to swap in my v8 with a saganaw 4 speed and just leave it 2 wheel drive, but the clutch is what i...