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valve adjustment

  1. head gasket replacement

    i just replaced the blown head gaskets on my sbc 350. i set the valves(i think correctly) and its having trouble starting. I primed the carb and it turns over very rough and runs very very hard for 2 seconds and dies. Im not sure if thats due to incorrect valve set or the distributor. i hope im...
  2. valve adjustments

    After just replacing my head gaskets, been stumped on setting the valves on my sbc 350. I cant get the truck to start and i went to double check the valves. When i turn the engine to get TDC 1, i feel that there's no compression on cylinder 1 and i have no clue why. I dont know if its just the...
  3. valve adjustments

    I recently changed my head gaskets so i obviously i had to relieve the tension from the push rods on the rocker valves. No im stuck with resetting them to the correct positions. Ive looked online for the sequences but every time i think i set it correctly and try to start it, the engine turns...
  4. adjusting valves?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey!! I have a 88 GMC 1500 4x4 I've just recently had the heads an all the gaskets replaced but the guy said the valves still need adjusted a little more so I'm trying to figure out how exactly I would go about it?? I've been told to start it w/ the valve covers off an the truck running but not...