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valve covers

  1. New valve covers to solve leaky caps?

    After reading what I could understand (newbie at 63 y.o.) I am looking at changing the valve covers on my T Bucket to solve the oil leaking out of the valve cover caps. As someone indicated, the covers have no markings so they might be the cheap Chinese brand. I just bought this hot rod. It has...
  2. Sheared screw to valve cover

    Hotrodding Basics
    While torquing the screw to the screw on the valve cover closest to the distrubutor, I broke the head off of the screw. Tried drilling it out and ended up making the whole bigger and a bit more back than the original. Any suggestions on how to fill or retapping?:(
  3. SBC Valve Covers w/o Filler Cap

    Hi All, I happened to be searching for valve covers on the local Craigslist site, and saw several that had no oil filler caps. Are these for certain type of engines (i.e. from a particular time period) or can they be used on any SBC with accommodations for an oil filler elsewhere? I'm not...