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valve springs

  1. How much spring pressure is too much?

    SBC - Hydraulic Roller I understand that cam manufacturers make spring recommendations that one should follow, but in this case I have the springs in hand before the cam, and I’m trying to throw this thing together on the cheap. The springs are Howard’s 98445, 120 lbs on the seat, 425 lbs...
  2. eBay Heads: clearance problems at rockers & springs

    Hello all, i am quite obviously new to the forum, and I come here because I am in a pickle. Yes I realize it is all my fault and I should have never bought eBay heads to begin with. But I am stuck with them now and need to figure out how to make it work. My issue is this, I bought Scorpion...
  3. small block 400 valve springs

    Getting to the point I'm about done with building my small block 400 just got the pushrods and roller rockers in and was just wondering do I need different valve springs to use the full roller rockers if so what springs do I need the cam is a solid roller valve adj int/.020 exh/.020gross valve...