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  1. 351w pcv

    Appears to be a lot of debate on if a sbf needs some form of PCV and, if so, what that should be. This is a naturally aspirated engine with carburetor. Currently it has a breather in each valve cover. Should I be looking to add a PCV valve? Should it be from a valve cover into the filtered...
  2. Piston to Valve Results

    Degreed the cam and checked piston to valve clearances for my 351W. With a dial indicator the closest the intake got was .156" at 20 degrees ATDC while the exhaust was .251" right at TDC. With clay the intake was .165" and .075" radially. The exhaust was .230" and .165" radially. I think the...
  3. valve springs interfere with head stud washers

    Haven't had the chance to contact ARP or AFR to hear their take on the issue as they're not open weekends, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I got AFR 1050 heads (1.55" OD springs) and ARP 234-4301 sbc Head Stud Kit (which is the recommended kit by AFR). I get all the studs...
  4. Valve Lift on stock Vortec heads?

    I pulled a set of vortec heads off of my 1996 k1500 vortec 350. I plan to use them in a moderate build of a different 350 that will be getting edelbrock performer rpm intake and carb. I'd like to throw a cam in it too, and I heard that vortec heads have some restrictions as to the lift they can...
  5. Broke valve cover bolt help!

    Ok so I got a 454 out of a 79 Burban and I wanted to se what heads it had so I took off the valve cover and it has the 781 oval ports and when I was tightening up the bolts on the top of the valve cover all the way on the right snapped of flush with the top of the head and I have no idea how to...