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  1. original_dash

    Had a terribly cracked dash. Following some post from online I was able to get the dash looking a little better. The adhessive did not hold on the curve I re did the whole thing with black vinyl and it turned out a lot better but do not have pics sorry:( Easy was to fix dash with time and patience.
  2. dash_foam

    After spraying foam, cutting excess and lightly sanded
  3. Tan_dash

    Here you can see where the adhesive failed. Even with that it looked better than what I started with. Being the perfectionist that I am I heated up the adhessive, pulled back the vinyl and redid it in black. Headliner fabric was used underneath to provide padding and disguise the cracks.
  4. Interior
    I have some plastic kick panels that are deteriorating from age. I was going to make replacements from fiberglass then wrap them in vinyl. I would use a heat gun to stretch and contour the vinyl to panel. My questions are: Do I need to paint the panels before the vinyl wrap? Like an epoxy to...
  5. Interior
    I want to put a vinyl top on my chopped 30' Ford Coupe. I have a guy that says he used to install them but he can't find the molding. He thinks it's no longer made. Does anyone have info on where I can get the trim/molding for a vinyl top? Either online or near South East Michigan.
  6. Interior
    Hi this is my first time posting here and would really love to have some help or guidance on how to install a vinyl top on my own possibly with pics. A few questions I have would be how to strip off the old one and prep the roof then installing the new one and finally how to choose a style of vinyl.
1-6 of 6 Results