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  1. Welding Ball Joints

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    A friend of mine is restoring a 1925 Buick....turning it into a street rod. The corvette rear end went in nicely. But the Corvair front end he chose to go with needs work to get the look and stance he wants. He bought Mustang ball joints but they were short....he wants me to weld a 5/8" shim...
  2. Welding Stainless

    Hotrodding Basics
    I'm probably going to get hammered for even asking this question but here goes. I know you're not supposed to weld stainless with carbon wire in a MIG but would it be good enough on an exhaust? Should I get a spool of stainless wire at the minimum? This is a one time thing and I'm not going...
  3. body repair advice on 1940 custom car

    Body - Exterior
    I need to get advice on how to repair body work that's 60 years old.( on a 1941 car ) The hood has been pancaked , fender seams have been filled in with lead too. What I have noticed that the under side of all seams need more support to prevent cracks from showing up. This is a custom rare car...
  4. Video! Straightening Wire Trick for Tig Welding

    Body - Exterior
    In this short video I show a trick to take wire from a roll of MIG welding wire and quickly get it dead straight for TIG welding sheet metal. Often welding stores do not carry straight lengths of .030". In the past I tried to straighten with my fingers, but found the slight bumps and bends made...
  5. @ Home welders

    Garage - Tools
    I saw the post goin between Miller, Hobart, Linoln but I have been looking at the Tweco Fabricator. Does anyone have feedback on Tweco? it looks like it could be an awesome machineand most reviews I have seen seem on the up and up. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Chain linkage brackets

    General Rodding Tech
    I spent this Sunday afternoon welding this up to replace a bulky bracket that had a small crack on it. The engine is going to get pulled in the spring so it was more about function then form. Even after I welded each link on 3 sides the bracket was really light yet it is extremely strong...
  7. Welder problems

    Body - Exterior
    I recently bought a Sealey Professional 230V 100A No-Gas Mig Welder to do some body repairs. I have used gas and stick welding in the past but not MIG. I bought the welder because a: it is low power (it only has two power settings Min and Max) and b: it was cheap (mistake!!). The problem I am...
  8. Patch panel - what is the better cut line

    Body - Exterior
    Hello all - working on a fiat 850 and all fiat jokes aside, I'm installing a patch panel on my quarter fender thanks to - you guessed it: some rust around the fender lip. The patch panel is a lot bigger than the rust areas, so I have an option of trimming the panel down. As it is now, it is the...
  9. Suggested welder for chassis strengthening?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some more experienced thought on this topic. I plan to cut out the rust on my Frame and just weld in some new metal, beef up the weak spots, weld in new floor pans in the body, making the frame air suspension ready, and what not on my daily driver. I...
  10. Welding Help

    Garage - Tools
    Hi All, I am starting my first rod from scratch and my welding isn't the greatest. Where can I find some good information / "how to" advice online? Or should I just get a book on welding?