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  1. The mill

    The mill

    The little engine that could- and still can. If I put a blower on it, maybe I can get 45HP out of it. That would be a 50% increase. Naw, better go with the small block. Gonna need a BIG shoehorn, though!
  2. Inside door

    Inside door

    This is inside the driver's door. Hmmmm.. I think it opens the wrong way. Can you say suicide?
  3. The dash

    The dash

    This is the dash. I'm thinking I might make an exotic wood insert rather than patch all the holes. Lots of time to think about that.
  4. Interior view

    Interior view

    This is the interior after I cleaned it out. Nice upholstery, eh? Dig the fuel tank location. I think I'll have to move that!
  5. Side view

    Side view

    This is a side view of my 29 Whippet. Does look like a '32 ford, doesn't it? Notice the "extra" curves in the fenders.
  6. Front view

    Front view

    This is the front of my 29 Whippet.
  7. Back view

    Back view

    This is the rear of my 29 Whippet.