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  1. The mill

    The little engine that could- and still can. If I put a blower on it, maybe I can get 45HP out of it. That would be a 50% increase. Naw, better go with the small block. Gonna need a BIG shoehorn, though!
  2. Inside door

    This is inside the driver's door. Hmmmm.. I think it opens the wrong way. Can you say suicide?
  3. The dash

    This is the dash. I'm thinking I might make an exotic wood insert rather than patch all the holes. Lots of time to think about that.
  4. Interior view

    This is the interior after I cleaned it out. Nice upholstery, eh? Dig the fuel tank location. I think I'll have to move that!
  5. Side view

    This is a side view of my 29 Whippet. Does look like a '32 ford, doesn't it? Notice the "extra" curves in the fenders.
  6. Front view

    This is the front of my 29 Whippet.
  7. Back view

    This is the rear of my 29 Whippet.
1-7 of 7 Results