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won't start

  1. SBC 350wont start

    It's my daily driver SBC 350 daily Was running fine and out of the blue died out while Still in motion and in the road .so here's what I have checked and replaced and still won't start I can hear the starter engage , new plugs (needed it ) new plugs , new cap rotor and new MSD COIL , also...
  2. Holley 4150 major flooding

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice. I just bought a 79' Malibu that was a steal of a deal and i couldn't pass it up. the guy i bought it from said the starter was bad so i changed it and it cranks fine. I couldn't get it to start without my foot all the way to the floor and it would not...
  3. Grand daugther's car

    I just bought my grand daughter a car at an auto auction and didn't even make it home. Ran hot and cut off. Rolled back brought it back to my shop and found good compression on the no 1 and no 4 cylinders but two middle one's none. Pulled the head and sent it to the machine shop. Wrapped...
  4. will crank but not start

    1998 Chevy1500 Z71 5.7 v8. This first started about a month ago, truck would crank but not start then went out after work and it fired right up ran great for about three weeks thensame thing except I couldn't get it to start for about a week then ran great for a couple days and now its back to...