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10 bolt posi question

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I have a 10 bolt posi axle out of a 68-72 GM A-body (most likely a monte carlo but not 100% sure) I'm not even sure if it's 8.2 or 8.5" ring gear..

anyway.. I totally smoked the posi clutches at the track.. I didn't notice my right rear drum was grabbing and making me do one-wheel burnouts.. well naturally the clutch packs weren't very tolerant of that...

so question #1 is.. if I pull the center section and replace the clutch packs, that shouldN'T alter any of the setup should it? (provided all the shims go back where they came from)

and my 2nd question is, I want to change the pinion yoke while I'm in there to one that takes 1350 series u-joints, I know I will need to change out the crush sleeve, but again will this force me to go through the whole R&P setup procedure again?
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Repairing the clutches and replacing the center section back with all the shims in the same location should not effect the set up. You should be able to change the yoke and tighten to the point of good contact with the bearing with out replacing the crush sleeve. Use red lock tight on the nut to make sure it stays in place
10 bolt posi

All depends on bearing condition, if they are good then assembly should be easy. you could check the bearings when you remove the yoke, it should go back together using same crush tube. Preload on pinion will tighten slightly with your new seal. As for the hemi. you can adjust backlash by taking shims from one side and adding to the other. You can use chalk and oil mixed together, paint this on your ring gear to ensure pattern is sweet on wont be noisy. As long as your pattern has central tooth contact ,it should be ok. Hope this helps, Paul
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