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Step 1.
I have a 10 bolt non posi rear end out of an 81 TA. I've taken the unit apart and found the axles to have 28 spline axles and the pinion to have 30 splines with a carrier id of (1252981) with 3.08 gears. OK so far every place I've cheecked said this is a corporate 10 bolt used in the mid 70 to early 80s. I'm almost positive the TA was all original and unmolested. I planned on rebuilding and upgrading it to put in my 73 Firebird.
Step 2.
I found a guy advertising on Ebay a GM 8.5 Posi carrier that once had 3.73s from a Nova. My idea was to use the posi with a new set of 8.5 3.42s I just bought.
This is where everything gets to be a mess. So I get the carrier in the mail and look up the casting numbers (ED 30116 PM) and everyplace I look states this is a 8.2 GM carrier used in the late 60s early 70s Camaros, Firebirds and Nova, not a 8.5. So I'm thinking this guy is an idiot for advertising it as an 8.5 or he just ripped me off. So I start looking at the posi a little more and noticed my 28 Spline axles fit right in. I then was able to bolt the 8.5 3.42 gears right up as well. I have not tried putting the whole assemble in the rear end housing but I assume all will work. How do I tell if this carrier is a 8.2 or 8.5. I assumed the 8.2 and 8.5 are ring sizes and wouldn't interchange and that the two used different sized OD bolts. If it is an 8.2 will it work in the 8.5 housing
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