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12 Bolt Aluminum Cover - Added strength or no?

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Hey guys. This is for all you Chevy truck 12 bolt experts out there. Do you believe that a cover such as this adds any real overall strength to a 12 bolt? From the vendor:

Rim Automotive wheel system Bicycle part Silver Watch

"Made from 356-T6 cast aluminum, these girdles incorporate a reinforced crossbar. The crossbar houses the load bolts that apply pressure to the bearing caps. This feature, along with the thick casting, prevents bearing cap deflection under severe loads. Which in turn greatly reduces or eliminates (in most cases) bearing cap fatigue and failure. "



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I run ‘em as standard practice on these GM axles they do stiffen up the carrier housing a little and often a little is all you need. I think as much as anything they change the frequency response to fatigue causing vibrations in the carrier more-so than adding some amazing reinforcing strength to the bearing caps. Rather like adding a halo brace to engine main caps it moves the fatigue frequency response away from the shake, rattle and roll that wants to crack the major cast structures.

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