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1932-34 model "b" 4 cyl with with riley 2port cyl head and intake 2 stromberg 97

I have a 1933 American Austin Coupe with a 32-34 model b 4 cyl cylinder head is 2 port Riley (yapp) intake 2 stromberg 97 ...crank counter balanced and drill for oil pressure cam 280 degree . 340 lift light flywheel and 9" ford clutch dist. Stock model a 12v altenator audisy 12vbat trans 32 ford 3speed rear end model a ford 3.73 coil cover springs brakes 48 ford (f1 front) front end-drilled 36 ford axel spring behind no shocks radiator 29 ford model a spark plugs ngk b-4es or equive..... ok so I am having troublegetting gas to the motor..... when I push the accelerator it dies ...the fuel pump is down in front of the car and the gas tank is behind the seat does it need to be back by the tank?...... any suggestions? :confused:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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