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I have 2 options frame wise for my 34', since buying a new one is out of the question due to my budget.

I can either use the original 1934 Chevy Frame and use a MII front end and 8.8" rear end, or use a frame from a newer car, such as a S10, and use the MII front and 8.8" rear on that frame as well.

There are pros and cons to both I would expect.

I am not sure which to use, but this is what I have been told I would have to do with an S10 frame in order for it to fit on my car, and I was wondering if anyone could verify this for me:

"You have to narrow the width, change the front of the chassis, frame rails, front crossmember, notch the frame so the fenders will fit right. make a radiator support bracket, notch the back of the body since the s10 has more kickup."

Which would you use if you were me, and for what reasons??


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The S-10 frame can be a good one for certain projects..However this one sounds like it would be good to retain the frame rails you have and adapt the rear you have and go with the MII front in this case..

Check the frame rails that you have to see that they are not rusted through or nearly through before you put a lot into them..

As much work as you would have to go through to use the S-10 it would be worthwhile to consider building a tube frame if the stock frame does not pan out for some reason..

Thsi is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.(or the chassis meets the body) .take a tape measure and measure the frame you are thinking of swapping to see if it is close to what you need..That will give you a better answer..

As far as budget is concerned some 2x4 or 2x5 square tube is not all that much and gives a good stiff solid foundation to build on..

The mustang front can be found tho they are getting harder to find in the wrecking yards...

One thing to consider is that the independent front may give some issues in the fitment of the fenders and hood at the area of the upper a-arms..

One can get the straight axle done up with disk brakes and new kingpins and bushing or for that matter a new tube and with cross steering those handle well and may fit you car a bunch better..

Just some ideas for you to think about..


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I put a MII stock X-member w/ power steering and Ford 8" on my '36 Pontiac chassis and am very pleased with the result. I have a couple of how-to articles I can send you on the installation. Send me your email address by PM.

Update; Oops! Forgot I posted some pictures of the installation on my journal. Look at this.

And this. and this.
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