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1935 ford truck help

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I bought a 1935 ford 1 ton truck project and want to make it into a pickup. Does anyone know if the cab and front fenders are the same for big truck and pickup? I know the running boards are shorter on the big trk than the pickup.
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No one else has answered so I will give you my opinion. Don't know about 35, but in later years, 40s thru 50s, cab was the same but front fenders were larger to accomidate the larger tires, also think the hood was different because of the fenders. Its probably the same on your 35.
Like Jack, I can't say about that year, but what he said about the later models is right on. I have a 46 1 1/2 ton and the cab is exactly the same as a pick up.
1 ton verses PU

Hi, I am pretty familiar with 36 ford pick-ups, but I don't have as much experience with the 1-tons. I can tell you that the fenders of a 36 are a little different in that there are no bumper bracket saddle holes in the front. Also, the line that the fender perimeter takes appears to be a little different than the pickup's as well. I have seen a 1-ton cab at a show where the owner successfully put a 1-ton cab on a car/pickup frame. The front of the cab had a different saddle width over the frame rails of about 1-1/2" but it did work. I believe with a stock set of PU rear fenders, running boards you can make this transition. One other difference is the 1-ton lacks a rear axle hump of the car/PU frames of this era. There may be some issues with attaching the stock PU bed frame to a 1-ton frame and the resulting height from the rear axle. There is also a difference in the steering column attachment of the PU verses the 1-ton. If you are going after market with a Mustang II IFS, you are likely already switching this out so that should not be an issue for you. That is about the extent of my knowledge based on what I know about the 36 ford pick-ups.

For my benefit, would you know of any 36 PU grill shell/radiator assemblies out there that I might be able to find. I have a 37 grill shell and hood sides I would like to trade for them....Thanks.....WES
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