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1936 Ford rear fenders

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I have a left rear fender that does not fit right.
It lacks about one inch and a half at bottom front of coming out to meet rear of running board.
I understand the running boards fit all models. Do I have a sedan fender on it?
What other model '36 Ford fenders are interchaneable with the Club Cabriolet?
I just bought the car in January and am starting to "resto" it with streetrod frame and running gear. Would coupe fenders be the same? <img src="graemlins/pain.gif" border="0" alt="[pain]" />
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Hey Jamesgang, (interesting name, the rock group was definetely cool)I did a little research for you, I have a book by the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. Here is a website also:
I looked in my book, all the running boards are the same for all models, both 35 and 36. the fenders are different from 35 to 36, and the sedans are different than the roadsters, coupes and cabriolet rear fenders. it sounds like it is mostly the way the fenders are bolted to the body. The sedans will not interchange with the coupe style cars. This maybe where your problem lies. I've got a 36 5w copupe, hoping to start on it this winter. If you have any other questions email me, I'll be glad to help if I am able. The book I received with the car has a lot of info. Dan
I sure appreciate your reply and the info.I'll try that website.
I was pretty sure that's what you would tell me but I still don't know why that fender doesn't come out to fit even with the running board.Maybe when I get that fender off,I might find some of it was trimmed off (rust or rot), and bolted back
on causing it to set in further. All fenders have to be alike at that point to match up to the runnung board because all the boards are the same.
Let you know what I find.Thanks again. Dick
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