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1937 California License Plates

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I have a 37 Chevy with 1937 license plates. Where do I put my tags? Do I have to have to put them on the plates?
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What tags? Isn't you car registered as a 1937? Doesn't Ca make provisions for such cars?

Jn MA you don't need them on the plates. Must have them in the car. You should be able to access the rules on the web, Try googling CA DMV. Or just keep them in the car/ :welcome:
Thanks for the info. I was little confused because when i got the car the tags were stuck on little tabs below the plate. And I had not seen any other 1930's plates with tags on them.
check cal. laws..don't think idiots at dmv can help..there is a book on motor vechicle laws ..iknow the cops have one.. check with a antique chevy car club....or just ask JAY !!!(lenno)
Retired So. Cal. cop here, wasn't real big on citations unless it was flagrant or something just really stupid. It's been 6 yrs. since I've had my nose in a Veh. Code book but I think if your '37 has standard Ca. plates then you are required by VC 5204(a) to display current month/year tags. If you have "Historical Veh." or "Horseless Carriage" plates then I don't think you have to display them.

I concur with "bobjob" forget the DMV, go to your nearest CHP office and ask them, these guys are THE TRAFFIC COPS in the state and they will know.
tabs for year sticker on vintage California plates

The DMV is supposed to send you little aluminum tabs to put the current month and year sticker on so you don't screw up the look by sticking them to your old plates. These tabs bolt on above or below your plates, or I've seen guys bolt them on the back side of the plates when the plates are mounted out in the open on the bumpers.
Thanks for the info. :welcome:
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