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Definitely an uncalled for set back

Plan A is to tape the affected section off, sand it back and respray/ blend. If the blending fails then Plan B will be to sand the roof down to the beltline and redo the entire roof.

Puts a crimp in my plans to put the engine /trans back in this weekend...oh well

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Nice project!

Here is another header idea for you if the Tri-five Fenderwell style turns out to just be too outlandish, or just sticks out the side of the truck too far for your taste....Schoenfeld Truck BBC Fenderwell style, originally meant for the 68-72 and 73-87 style Chevy truck but may be a nice fit for you... they won't stick out over the side so far, more symmetrical looking too.

Chevy Big Block Truck/Tractor Headers - Schoenfeld Headers
41 - 60 of 161 Posts