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I have found a ton of information on this forum however there are a couple of question I cannot find the answers to. I have a 1946 Chevy 1/2 ton truck that I have placed on a 1991 S10 single cab long box chasis with the help of a chasis conversion kit i bought, made it pretty easy. I am placing a 350 that has around 400 HP in it and I will be placing a TH400 transmission in it as well. I am not sure what rear end I am putting in it yet but it will not be the stock S10. I plan on having this truck for another 30 years before I pass it on to my son so I would like to do it right the first time. I have listed my questions below.

1. From what I have read the coil springs are not really strong enough and I have found them on line but how do I know what strength of spring I need?

2. I have also read that I will need to change out the rear leaf springs because they cannot handle the torque but I have not seen anything indicating what to replace them with.

3. What else would be recommended to change out in the front end for the increased weight and horsepower?

4. I know I need to replace all the bushings in the front end and I was wondering if there is a certain brand that you would recommend? i would like to find a kit for this.
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