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1951 ford truck

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i need to know how wide a stock rear fender is for a 1951 ford f1 truck. i am building one but dont have any fenders to know how much to cut down a 9 inch axle. (shorten) thanks for any help . scott :confused:
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all I can say is that the rear end I put in my 50 f1 is 61.25 from the wheel mount to wheel mount I can go and measure my 50 if you like. ED I get 12.5 in inside the fender to the bed of the truck at about 3 in above the tire. I believe it was from a 9" 73 Mustang.

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On my 51, I had more problems with interferance against the box than the outer fenders. I would mearure the fenders for you, but the truck is in storage ar my daughters house for the winter. Next time I am there, I will try to remember to measure it.
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