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1953 Chevy Chop top?

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Hi hows it going every one My name is Harvi and I got a 1953 Chevy I want to chop the top on Do you guys know of any web sites I could go to.To get some info on how to chop the top on a 1953 chevy or anybody that does chopes that couls help me out Thanks Guys .......Harvi 53 <img src="graemlins/evil.gif" border="0" alt="[evil]" />
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I don't know of sites but the book 'How to Chop Tops' by Leroi 'Tex' Smith helped when I chopped my Henry and a guy's '30. Don't know if HalloweenKing has an article or advice?...
that book has a lot of good info...but it really helps if there is someone around that has done it before...
truck or car????
just check the web....lotsa guys choppin trucks...
i did my binder on my own ....lots i would change now time
I have a 54 pontiac 4 door, and I was wondering the same thing, seeing as how they are such similar cars.

Im also trying to find out how to chop top my pinto if its possible.. does anyone know anything about it? Please post up!
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