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I thought I would post a message to tell all of you how much I appreciate your time and efforts in posting so much useful information. During the past two months I have been reading the posts and following the suggestions found here, although I can�t contribute much, I thought it only fair that I introduce myself.

I am rebuilding a 1966 Impala Convertible and I have almost completed the body work. The information, warnings and guidance that I have received during the past two months have helped me to use the right products and employ the proper techniques. I have not attempted this type of project in over twenty years and would not be aware of the improvements in products if I had not found this web site.

When I purchased this car it was part-way through the restoration process, meaning that many of the parts were in boxes or missing. I am still working on this and expect to have it almost completed by the end of winter. Thanks again for your continued interest.

Russ Mc
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