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The GTO, Chevelle, Cutlass/442 and Skylark/GS all share the same seat springs and you can order them from the restoration places. The bottoms seem to need replacing the most. I hope you didn't remove all of the upholstery from both front seats, and if you did, I hope you made copious notes as to where the new covers attach to the frame work. I just finished my 442 seats, and they look awesome. They were quite difficult to put on. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to do the first seat, about two to three for the second. We did the drivers seat first and used the passengers seat as a guide as to where to place the hog rings. They new covers MUST be hog rung in the exact same spot as the originals or they will be loose, baggy and look really terrible. Ya gotta stretch, pull, tug and tuck on those suckers until they fit like the old one did. New foam buns are a must also. They will come with instructions that are as clear as mud. Maybe you should take them to a pro and have them do it.

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