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Hello Guys!

I want to set up my Impala with an Airide but I do need some basic knowledge.

My car is an almost complete SS427 clone with bright red Z-O3 leather interior. I want to keep the car as close as possible in the stock optic and and that, if I later dont like the custom look anymore, I just pump it up and install rally wheels and it looks absolutly stock again.

First what my plan is:

I dont built a lowrider, so the rise time do not need to be fast, I think 4-6 sec from not all down to a bit over the ride
height (if I see an obstacle) is fast enough.

It is not about to lay the car on the floor, rather to bring it a bit deeper without to get to hard with harder lowering springs. Beside I saw at a friends car that I can drive large rims with less tire height without feeling every small stone if an AirRide is used. By his 64 Caddy (20"and 22") rims the AirRide brought a lot for the comportable ride.
I will use the 4 way system to avoid air travaling from left to right and counterwise, that I already know.

What importand is, is that I will implant a brute engine and
so saving weight is more importand than rise time.
That means, a small air-tank and only one small compressor will do it.

I have the idea to buy the parts not in a set but buy it piece by piece as I see tanks and air bags often at eBay.
But evan if I buy it as a set I want to understand what I need and how is it to arrange with the solenoids and how to install the bags.

AirRide Technologis have a set for 65-70 Impala:

It is very expensiv and I think at least for the rear I dont need the stuff which comes with the air bags (I got new KYB gas shocks).
If somebody can tell me where the cylinder shaped iron bracket is lockated (over or under the air bag), how to weld, how the long screw works and how the line comes and connects the air bag I know already more.

At all it would be nice if somebody could tell me a bit about
an Air Suspension generally.
Just the most importand facts of an AirRide.
Which brands are good, which are sh.... and should not be bought.
What is to care by the installation, just all the necessery hints!

Thanks in advance to all who teach me in this topic

and best regards

Hannes Slanec :welcome:

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It has been my experience that you are better off buying a complete kit and using it instead of trying to piece something together and ending up with something that does not function like the kit would/should

Just my experiences ... your results may VARY ;)
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