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I'm building a 400 ram air 3 engine and I'm looking to get 450-475 horse power.
I'm wondering what I would need to do to the engine and add to it for that horse power. I'm not very experienced in this so bear with me.
All I have is the block,the casting is a 9799914 2 bolt main with 330 horse power.

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First, good heads. Ported cast Iron will work,up to a point. you will spend some $$$ getting heads reworked ported etc.
Get some aluminum Edelbrocks from butler perf.
Get the 87 CC ones.
Butler Performance - Edelbrock Aluminum D Port Pontiac Cylinder Heads

By their 462 stroker kit.
Butler Performance - Pontiac Engine & Rotating Assembly Combinations - Featuring Eagle Pontiac Kits

Use a cam with a split pattern grind like this (51-223-4) or with standard trans use the 51-224-4
Butler Performance - Pontiac Cam and Lifter Kits
Use a 2200 rpm stall for the automatic. Keep the rearend gear 3.23 or under. 3.08 would be Ideal for either . 26.5 inch rear tires.

Headers and a dual plane intake (RPM performer),650-700 cfm carb.
quick fuel carb would be my choice. SS-730 cfm would prolly be nice
HEI with 20 degree mechanical advance, set at 12 degrees base timing.
Boom...450-500 horses, and gobbs of torque.
Tuned properly this thing will run like a champ on 92 octane.Just use a good aluminum radiator.Dont be fooled by brass 3-4 cores.The 2 row aluminum is the way to go.Keep the temps down ,run a 165 t stat and a thermal fan clutch.
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