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classiccarprojects -- no advertising. The terms of service to which you agreed before you could become a member here specifically state:

"Do not advertise your website. If you have a homepage or non-profit site, you are more than welcome to discuss it. Additionally, if you would like to recommend a commercial website, that is also fine. However, you MAY NOT advertise a commercial website with which you are affiliated. Users who advertise their own commercial websites will be repeatedly smacked with a frozen trout by the Frozen Trout Smacking Squad."

I will tell the Frozen Trout Smacking Squad to hold off for now, as you may not be fully aware of the rules here ;) .

(HWKing -- sheesh, 200 posts already! I better get my rear in gear or else I'll never win our little wager. Now, if I could just get a few hundred spammers to post on the board, then I'd have to put up a few hundred more of these posts. Yeah, that should do the trick...)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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