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1973 El Camino wiring

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I'm planning out the wiring in my 73 El Camino
I'm going total custom wiring, most of the factory wiring is being pulled because they previous owners hack jobs.

I have the window switches in question, I believe they are rated at 20 amps.

The wire color maybe any color they have at the time they make the plug, so the terminal position is the most important aspect.

However if you have a Brevet ER.GI window switch that many of us have from some of the retailers, the position of the terminals is the key because of the internal wiring of the switch, see the screenshot.

A + B are the power for the switch
C + L are the power for the illumination
D + E are to the wires to the motor

Some of the wires can be connected in parallel like the power, ground and illumination, with barrier strips

The internals of the switch alternate the positive and negative to the motor, switch them as needed to make your windows go up to your switches position.

If you goggle - Brevet EG.GI window switch - you should find the PDF file that i took the screenshot from.

I don't recall the person that did the second to the last post, prior to this one but he's on it, and you can make your own switches with any high amperage DPDT switch, just don't hold the switch in the on position for long periods of time after the window is at its limits of travel, that will heat the internals of the switch up and melt the contacts in the switch.


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I got them from the Aliexpress site, they like $4.00 each, just search 8 mm dash indicator lights, the ones I have are 8 mm size in the center dash panel I made, they have chrome & black, 8, 10, 12 and 16 mm, I'm about to order the 12 mm for turn signals, HB and HL, they 11-11 sale starts in 2 days

US $2.36 23%OFF | 8/10/12/16mm Waterproof Pre-wired 12V/24V/36V LED Indicator Light Lamp Dash Panel Warning Light Indicator Car Boat Truck


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The cost for buttons has doubled in cost since 2020, you should get extras when you buy and get them from one place so your not waiting for them to come in and they all match the rest of the buttons.

I had to order twice for non matching led lights on the buttons

The center console has the bulk of accessories and control switches, there are no labeled switches they are ordered from the way they work, the front or top buttons work the engine area, then car interior front to rear, then the rear of the car.

The front of the console has
14 -16mm or 5/8" buttons,11 latching 3 mont.
2 rocker momentary switches
1- 22mm momentary start button

The door lock rocker switches are going beside the cup holders, it's 4 cup holders, 2 extra for keys and nick nacks.

The rear of the console has, 12v cigarette plug, Usb, main 12v off switch, voltage gauge, seat heater switches, and reset buttons

The center dash panel has manual air bag paddle switches, digital air gauge, various indicators lights, window switches, accessory and ignition switches

The color scheme of the car interior is red, black and silver.

If you have a specific question I'll answer if I can when ever I look back at the post
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