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1978 chevy truck weighs...?

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Can someone tell me what a 1978 Chevy truck weighs? It is a 1/2 ton short bed. Thanks.
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as I recall mines 4050 with me in it...mines a big block & I weigh 230 lbs.
Thanks guys. I have done searching to no evail. I too have a big block in mine......but it's an OLds. Anyway, thanks again for the responses.
Go to the local grain elevator. They will most likely weigh your truck for you. Some even have the scales set up where you can drive on after-hours and see a digital readout.
On the inside of the driver side door jam should have the vehicle GVWR stamped on a plate. My blazer is 6200 lbs. Yours should be less than mine. Unless it was removed it should be there. That's were mine is. If not maybe you could try this method posted by willys36.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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