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I had to put a new timing chain and gears on my 1978 F-100, 302 CID. This truck is all original, including factory wiring. Of course, the first step was to disconnect the battery. When I removed the alternator I did not disconnect the wiring. I just set it aside and continued with the task at hand. Upon completion of reassembly I noticed that the two wires that have caps and slide on the studs on the back of the alternator had come loose. The main battery wire that is attached with a nut is still in place. I'm not sure which "studs" the other two wires go to. The truck runs great, but the "ALT" light stays on. I took the alternator down to AZ and had it tested. It tested good, but they swapped it out for a new one anyway under warranty. I also replaced the voltage regulator .... just because. One of the wires in question has a red cover at the connection that goes to the alternator with one wire and the other has a black cover with two wires. I have looked at numerous wiring diagrams and I am not very good at understanding them. I'm a pretty good "wrench" and can usually work my way through electrical problems. Charging system problems seem to always be difficult for me.

No, this wasn't a problem before I started this project.

I would really appreciate any help or even a picture to help me solve this. A simple and not too technical explanation or illustration would really help.

Thanks, in advance, for the replies.

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