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This pickup has served us well over the years, and actually was the first pickup my dad ever owned. That was one of the inspirations for restoring it. Now he and I are restoring it and souping the engine up a bit. Well, actually replacing the engine with a souped up L05 block (only the L05 block, crank, pushrods, and rods are staying). As of now we have a rust free bed, front fenders, and the engine.

Engine specs when done:
Summit 152123 heads (have the 191 swirl port heads right now that I have to try, since my dad bought them, so I don't make my parents feel bad).
Comp Cams XE256H (I want this thing to have torque from low end up to 5000 rpm)
D.S.S E series forged flat top pistons 8cc valve reliefs
L05 block crank, rods, and pushrods
Edelbrock 2101 intake
Flowtech mid length headers.
.015 head gaskets
Summit roller tip rockers
9.23:1 compression ratio
estimated 338 hp and 416 lb/ft torque.


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