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1978 z28 wheels

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Does anyone know the correct backspacing for a 1978 camaro z28 wheel? I know they were a 15x7 with a 225/70-15 tire, and I think they were a 3 3/8" backspacing. I'm going to the local swap meet this weekend to get diferent wheels and tires for my son's camaro, as it has a set of 15x8.5" centerline wheels and dry rotten tires that have too much offset, and the rears are cut from the wheelwells. This is the last thing the car needs to be "street worthy" I need to get back to my coupe, and finish some detail work on it!!
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I just picked up a set of torq thrust wheels with a 3 3/4 in. backspace with bf goodrich radial ta 225/70-15 tyres. the car looks great, and the offset is perfect. I'll post pictures tomorrow!! :D
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